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San Antonio Spurs getting better with age?


Shocked is the feeling I feel as the final minutes wind down during game 2 of the NBA playoffs, between the Spurs and Thunder. I mean don’t get me wrong I am a Spurs fan, but leading the thunder by 30 points? Yes, I am talking about the same Thunder team whose starters consist of Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, and Kendrick Perkins. Some say the Thunder just aren’t on their game, however I don’t believe that for one-second. Tim Duncan and Tony Parker are playing like they are ten years younger, I mean both guys are averaging almost thirty minutes a game and producing just like old times. Danny Green was definitely a major part of tonights dismantling of the thunder as well. He hit 7 three pointers as he finishes with  21 points, I mean this is a guy who averaged nine points a game during the regular season, you can’t tell me the Thunder were game planning for Green to perform like he did. Overall a great team effort by San Antonio tonight, and if they continue to play ball like that I wouldn’t doubt it if they were holding a championship trophy in the near future. What are your guys thoughts and comments about how the Spurs have been playing lately? Was tonight a fluke? Or are these guys the really about to take this series?

Sincerely, Jacob