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San Antonio Spurs getting better with age?


Shocked is the feeling I feel as the final minutes wind down during game 2 of the NBA playoffs, between the Spurs and Thunder. I mean don’t get me wrong I am a Spurs fan, but leading the thunder by 30 points? Yes, I am talking about the same Thunder team whose starters consist of Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, and Kendrick Perkins. Some say the Thunder just aren’t on their game, however I don’t believe that for one-second. Tim Duncan and Tony Parker are playing like they are ten years younger, I mean both guys are averaging almost thirty minutes a game and producing just like old times. Danny Green was definitely a major part of tonights dismantling of the thunder as well. He hit 7 three pointers as he finishes with  21 points, I mean this is a guy who averaged nine points a game during the regular season, you can’t tell me the Thunder were game planning for Green to perform like he did. Overall a great team effort by San Antonio tonight, and if they continue to play ball like that I wouldn’t doubt it if they were holding a championship trophy in the near future. What are your guys thoughts and comments about how the Spurs have been playing lately? Was tonight a fluke? Or are these guys the really about to take this series?

Sincerely, Jacob


Veterans Healthcare


ImageThe sad part of the entire story would have to be that the government can’t take care of our veterans, yet they ensure us that a federally ran health care system is the way to go. Am I the only one that sees a problem with this? You guys let me know your thoughts on this subject!

Sincerely, Jacob

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